Monday, July 30, 2018

The Wave

You can't deny it, it is coming, you are 10 feet out
No way back, no turn around, no chance to get out
Without confidence you jump, ride it, get knock down
Dive in, really no choice, swim or tumble, you're in
Mind is numb, one thought, keep low, turbulence
Excepting, really feeling, your a cog in the wheel
Movement not circumspect, except by those on shore
Needing more, pushing the limits, feeling the next
They come in sets, three to maybe four, the after
The laughter, the joy in breath
The joy in teasing the depth
Pop up, no stop, here comes another
Check your brother, your other
Eyes open, clearer than ever
Funny came to me from 2600 up sea level
Top of the mountain, thinking waves forever
Bring the challenge, bring the objection
Tossing me, acquaintance, water is the learning
From here I see free, I see our means
Meaning focus is the key, the only direction
The Power of We.
Gonna push the limits this year
We are near, just do it without fear
Got your back, look forward
No coward, can't miss, we got this!

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