Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Doubling Down

To double down is not what you think
It is the contest within, the acceptance of your worth
Work on what you struggle, but live on what you don't
Accept that you are only mighty in time spent
It is okay to capitalize on your good
It is acceptable to achieve based on your mood
If that is your double down, your inner zen
This is not about every level being a ten
Your value is based on what you excel
Not based on how many times you fell
Remember failure leads to advance
But success is ultimately your stance
Confidence is different then perserverance
To persevere is a struggle, needing a break
Double down on that which you succeed
Teach to work, teach to perservere
But also teach to push to that we hold near
Push the passion, the undying driven drive
That which we strive, no matter what is contrived
Double down on what you flourish with attack
4 steps forward, 1 step back is a better math fact
Don't forget to double down when you can
It helps when your feeling down, face in the ground

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