Tuesday, August 14, 2018

You Are The Inspiration, You Don't Need To Promote It, You Are It

To my edurockstar tweeters.  The poem is for you:

To inspire is a gift, that can be learned
To inspire is a gift, that must be earned
To inspire is a fruit, needed to refresh
To inspire is a fruit, never have enough
To inspire is a beacon, A light in the distance
To inspire is a beacon, created for specific instance

To inspire is many things to many persons
For some it is a song, a line, many reasons

To create inspiration is easy as a thesaurus
To spread inspiration is as easy as a chorus
To benefit from blanket inspiration too many among us
To be inspired by "fill in the blank" is without purpose

I was called out for double standard inspiration
No longer directly addressing twitter regurgitation
Gonna keep it close, gonna keep it general, a dedication
My distaste for "I don't know you" social media "inspiration"

Below is what I really want to say to the rest of you, can't' figure out how to rhyme it necessarily:

Be mindful of needing to find shallow words.  Be mindful of looking outside your immediate to keep you driven.  Be mindful of using things that have no real connection to you.  Don't cling to something, looking for answers.  Don't cling to hoping or seeing something to keep you going.

If you are in a bad situation, get out.  If you can't find inspiration in what is right in front of you, then look a little deeper, and put your phone down. 

As educators inspiration is easy, not all situations are easy, but the inspiration should be easy...

It is hard, hard work, lean on your students, your colleagues, your admin, your community.  There is inspiration in even the most desperate situations.  Use that to drive you.  Use those interactions, those experiences.

We find in our work a need to be inspired.  I would argue we are the inspiration!  Don't go looking, go producing, go out there knowing, not everyone can do what we do.  Know that the greatest, the best, the most inspirational, have all come from our classrooms, our schools, and our halls.

This is not meant to inspire, as that would be a double standard to what my point is.  This is meant to be a wake up call and call to action.

Stop promoting "inspiration" 

Be inspiration, it can be shared, or not, that is a personal choice.  The important part is you believe it, you honor it, you acknowledge it, you are... It. You are an inspirational daily constant reminder and influence to our most precious commodity on the Earth.

"Our Kids"... Enough said. 

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