Monday, August 13, 2018

The Engage vs. The Pushers

Play this while you read, it helps with tone.

There is a need for the pusher, the dealer
BlackJack to 21, quick handed stealer
Dreamer not, forgot the mission, 45k strong
What is the point, constant elevator song

The pusher makes us think we need more
Makes us think, drives to our core
But it is like a Swift or Minaj chorus
How long we gonna buy the bore us

Find the inspiration in the friend
Neighbor, parent, the student to defend
Quote a fake revelation, it is par
I have chosen to mute so many edurockstar

Never thought I would, but makes me
Feel like I connect with what matters, feel free
Thought the dialogue would matter
Just ends up showing me as a hater

Found my jam, it is 39 strong 2018-19 #cddolphins clan
Doing the work the... new refocus, out of stagnation
Focused again on the mission, not a remission
Forgot the work, forgot need to tweak
Forgot the work begins at student registration

Got above myself, thought I could change the world
No need, I change my situation, total dedication
The students I serve, community, and staff not a resignation
This I stand on a devotion, democratization, and concentration

Be Brave, Be Proud of who you are... It matters to so many

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