Thursday, September 13, 2018

Yeah... Whatever

Been a while, no post to think
Not because the thoughts didn't sink
No apprehension, season, allergies, no reason
Hip Hop grabbed a minute, not apprehension
Comprehension, Got so far off the rational mark
The blog, a start
Always for me, but here it is my cognition
Inducing a notion, a motion, an emotion
I rhyme way too much with I.O.N

Pharoahe Monch may be the...
Say my name... Say my name...
That was the game... Oh No
The point it is only the grind
The everyday, the greatest times
Too many forget the reason
Change in season, treason
Induction meaning, without definition
Not understanding, vox me in the morning

I realize 40 is the journey
This is the time, experience date
History delivered
Finally, always felt a kid
A wait till your time ...ager
Maybe what I do, what I did
Reading now, a definite page tuner

This one for me, need to do
For me equals for them
If I am worthy, repeat no jury
Forever up at night, mind fury
2:23 am last, maybe 3:00 tonight

Want to amp it up
Not rest it down nope
Privilege is my rope
Use it to believe it
Rest is not acceptable
Strive for regular
Never gone achieve legitimate
For that I leave
Hoping to exit legit

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