Friday, November 16, 2018

ILT... Huh? It's a WE thing...!

I am currently out of the business of writing blogs… But this might have to become a post. Well it just did. 

I have a great ILT… It is really just Michelle and I, which inherently is great, mostly because she is prepared, ready, and responsive.  

There is a moment in any group activity, when roles are established, barometers are set, language agreed on, and a path forward is determined.  It is hard when that dynamic is changed repeatedly.  My feedback ends there.  I will self reflect at the end, and it will seem a little boastful! It is meant that way, I am not worried about my feedback on how I establish relationships.  Sorry.... block me on twitter... I feed on that... 

This powerful group of 4 has met, I think, 4 times and we are a powerhouse.  We seem to like each other, but more than that, we are honest, we don't worry about repercussions of relationship shrapnel.  We shrug it off... Besides... Ahh... No Worries... 

Think about that word.. Powerhouse - I wrote it 5 lines up. We are a POWERHOUSE of 4, Rachel, Debbie, Michelle, Doug! 

We all have provided the necessary push back at mostly the right time.  We are feeling each other out, and at this level, is a lot of fun.  This is not taught, it is felt, through experience, the best way to learn.  Human connections, we are in human business, no matter how much we deny it.

It is hard to observe teachers on everything they do… That is not this blog post… Just want to be clear!

This is observation and feedback on leaders.  Debbie and Rachel are fantastic!  Michelle is more, a crucial element, the only voice to confirm, determine, drive to crucial… Michelle is the acknowledgement of the which for now is more meaningful.  OK... I agree, make no sense, unless you are there... sorry. 

It is great to find the voice, the MC, it is not easy, as the DJ!  HAHA! 

I truly appreciate you Rachel, Debbie, Michelle, and of course, I appreciate me.  I told you I would come back to me.  I am also pretty special... I recognize it, I also try to make sure I don't make it weird.  If I start to do it, I know my #cddolphins will tell me to breath and pump the breaks!

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