Thursday, January 24, 2019

Been listening more lately, less producing
Reflecting and dreaming, regardless
Stressful in the act to listen
Take on others harm
I had to disarm, had to throw away
Throw away the advocate
Relocate, filter applied
Can't believe how long I been lied
Dream, memory, remember me
Figuring action immediately

That is my bar...

Here is my reason. 

I have always had passions.  I have always had dreams, goals, and bucket list items.  I also have begun to realize the power of being where you are.  My dreams, goals, and bucket list are for the future, maybe... I am also a person that has been blessed with being able to have already fulfilled many of the bucket list items of others.  So I speak from a position of privilege, and recognition of what I have been given.  I have earned little, I have been given much. 

I feel I need to put that out there as I am my own best and worst critic.  It is a split relationship I am just beginning to understand. 

All that being said, I feel I know what I need to do.  Sort of what I have always done.  Be an advocate and a line in the sand for the young people that are around me.  Recently that also includes my own children over the past 10 years.  Now that I have been in education for 17 years and 26 working with kids going back to Counselor In Training Days at soccer and day camps.   

Don't know why I feel, a need to put the resume out there
Back to the bars, as I try to explain my tune, justify I dare
It started with a conversation, a tweet, a vox, a list, a blog, a book
Snook... it took me to a place in myself I did not want to see
I had to ask repeat is that me... no not me... yes, me... woweee

Below is a list that allowed me to understand what I was learning from sources that were interacting with me.  It was a Code Switch, which is a great podcast to learn from.  Just search those words.  *** Disclaimer *** The below list is from a 40 year old white guy that has a love affair with Philadelphia. 

J. Cole, Charlamagne. HEZI, Rage, Public Enemy, Meek, Fontaine, Black Thought, Run the Jewels, Jedi Mind Tricks

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