Saturday, February 2, 2019

He needs to go...

This is going to be short.

One of my podcasts @brilliantidiots which, by the way, is the greatest name ever....

Marinate on that.  Brilliant Idiots

Charlamange and Andrew teach me every week to keep the "same" energy. 

A Democratic governor of Virginia, A white male... no duh!

Had a picture of a KKK member and a "Black Face" person holding beers with a dumb, but not offensive, narrative. 

OKAY, he got to go.

Never have I ever thought of doing that, posting it, including it in my bio page in a yearbook.  Like neva eva...

He has to go... Keep the same energy Democrats, even though I am not one of you.  I am progressive, I am wanting to be a social justice warrior.  I am striving and practicing to be really anti-rasist.  I am close,  maybe... therefore politics does not matter.

Racism is racism.  There is no politics.  So to all the white people, white males, that want to bring politics into this... Please put your "devil's advocate" and "well.... what if..." theories away. 

They don't work.  He needs to go, we need to make sure of it.  Get on board or shove your racism away again, like you did last year and lived with it. 


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