Thursday, March 14, 2019

#edupoetry is back for now...

You should listen and watch this first -

Been absent for a bit
Not for a respit
Just did not need it

Not gonna be that one that says
Much needed break, feel for me
I make choices, they are mine
At times I just don't have time

I jump on music, for a minute
Not leaving it, but found that spot
Now back to writing, I think
Kinda, that more water I need to drink

It is a crash diet in my brain
It is a dive into the deep end
After not swimming since 2017
Hope it comes back quick
I hope it sticks
But if it don't
Gonna go with the physical
The workout has been the constant
The no matter what
The bible of where I am at
Without that I got nothing
Without that I got none
Without that I am done
Without that I am not a father or a son
It is about order
I made it this far with privilege
I made it this far without thesaurus
I made it this far based on my latest mix
I made it this far based on all my self cognitive
I made it this far with an idea, not for me, but for us
I made it this far dropping everything, what feel will stick

Bringing it back
Attack the reaction
Milly day is March 14th
Pi for the unsolved never ending
Reform in bars 8, 16, or life incarceration
Philly did good today more than honoring
My homegrown hero, 20, 34, or 3, 15 Greer

It is always a process, an answer to new attention
Retention may not be good, but intention is not mentioned
Tradition, I rhyme to 4
Always looking for more

So here it is
My current state
Rate the date, hold on wait
Fake never, I hope to relate
Turn my phone over
Spent time doing other
4 bars needed, repeated message
Not necessary, Not for me
Could not sleep, retreat
Where we meet, what you seek
Don't call me weak 7 days a week
Just glad to be back
That is nothing but fact

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