Thursday, April 18, 2019

3 simple positive things

Over the past 2+ weeks leading up to spring break I asked my staff, the wonderful #cddolphins, to write 3 positive things about their students or classroom each morning.  They could share them with me by putting them in my mailbox, anonymous or not... It was their choice.  The idea was to think about 3 things, and then make them permanent or memorialize them by writing it down.  Simple, short, sweet.

Today I realize, I did not do it.....  Don't be fake DOUG!!!!

Although I feel I do it naturally now, as this is something I have internalized now for a number of years.  So here is my 3 things over the last 2+ weeks.

1.  I saw a staff member sit with a student when they did not have to.  It was not their job, but they sat with them, tried to understand why they were upset.  They waited until the child was ready, and then met that student's need.  The student was still upset, but the connection there was so powerful.

2.  I was involved in an ongoing conversation about trauma in kids.  It was asynchronous, it was shared, it was honest and authentic.  It made me feel not alone.

3.  I had a conversation with another staff member that did the right thing although it was difficult.  They decided that right was better than easy or comfortable.

As I write this, I have thought of at least 23 more, but for the point of this post, I will stop.

Take a second, maybe 20 and write down 3 things you are thankful or grateful for.  Just writing this brought a smile to my face and made me forget about all the negative things that also happened over the past 2+ weeks.  It is what makes us keep going!  Keep it simple, keep it moving, keep it to 3 a day. It does work!

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