Saturday, May 25, 2019

I am a privileged white male.  I am not apologizing for that.  I was born this way.  I am also a leader of a great school.  I also question many things.

I tweeted tonight that I don't understand how "leaders", especially white leaders can go 10-20 tweets without a message of equity, racism, or questioning the norm for white people speak.

I know why many white leaders don't put it out there, it is a risk.  You may lose a follower... HAHA! Like anyone should care, you are already a white male leader... You don't need anything more.   I am one of them.  White leaders don't push a message of equity, because they are afraid of a loss of power.  There is no other reason.  History, current situations, everything proves there are inequities, and as "powerful white" leaders ignoring this is "racist" as it is not "anit-racist".

Let me be clear.  Saying nothing about inequity or racism on your social media presence = being a non-racist or assimilationist.  I don't mean like the , "All kids through relationships can achieve" sort of nonsense, that is not a message or inequity or anti-racism.

Saying something or speaking up against racism can = being anti-racist.  Claiming you are not "political" in your posts is a cop out and therefore puts you in the non-racist camp.  You can be a non-racist all you want, but that is "racism" through not stepping up.  Not saying anything, is accepting of the behavior.  Nothing harder than telling your friends they are racist, trust me, have done it a half dozen times now, and have less friends now.

What will the "mostly white twitter # schools think of this?"

We talk #innovation #takingchances #growthmindset

That is all within the context of an educational system that is rigged for them.......

No problem taking a chance when you your dad and mom's 401K is collecting 12% and your established historical wealth has 1.5 million in assets being ready to be passed on.  Oh I get it, I am that white person.... I got that....

So then you tell me, you grew up, white person, poor, single mom, used shoes throughout your life... You were still white, so stop the story, you made it because you were white.  You can't cry it out to me, I know you, I am you.  You never got followed at a store in the mall, you never got the talk on how to respond to police if pulled over, you never got the message on how to "code switch" when in white spaces, which are most spaces. 

Here is the difference, I want to change it, I want to hire, establish, move, contribute, give back, and work with a community that will push the needle.  Not a "white savior", I am celebrating the greatness of our differences, not patting backs for pushing those that have not.

Here is the point; whether you are an admin in Delaware in a super diverse school or a leader in Ohio, Massachusetts, or Texas, you need to push a message of equity and expose racism in your social media presence, if you have one.  If you are reading this, you have a social media presence, therefore for every 10 posts, 1 or more needs to be about how people of color are being treated unfairly or how a person of color has achieved greatness.

As important, you need to have conversations with your people.  You need to stop that person in hallway that says, "those kids" or "you know their not good people" or rub their arm and say, " they got it because..." You know this white people, you need to step in and stop it.

This is how we move the narrative, this is how we establish our stance.  This is how we become Public Enemy Number 1.... My favorite rap group of all time, even more than The WU.....

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