Monday, June 10, 2019

My 4.5 year journey with this class

I wrote you all a poem, have not written one in a while, but felt the need to express this in a certain style.

Many of you were 1st graders when I started this principal journey
Many of you I met this year, #cddolphins are for real

Proud is not enough exaggeration of who we send off
All your teachers prepared you for whatever is next
I did Middle School 7 years as an admin, here is my talk
Keep it simple, keep the drama out, don’t respond to every text

I want to see you all at graduation, your passions and Colonial nation.
Find what you love, invest your time in that
Do the work to devote, moment after moment

You are all exceptional to me, who you have become
You are athletes, artists, gamers, academics, readers.
In my eyes, you all have already won.

So we send you off in this celebration
Not the end, send you off with no limitation
Take it, find your dedication, devotion, your
Wake up every day learning motivation

Remember feelings from being a dolphin
All your teachers, from this year to Kindergarten
Wanted the best for you to achieve in the end
This game is halftime, you got 7 more minimum

So look to your family, your friends, thank them
Be the one that is kind first, and hugs a lot
Be the one that is okay to cry for those that have not

Beyond all, make sure to come back, give me a five, no give me a ten.

My people below.

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