Thursday, August 1, 2019

A serious mess up

I literally just wrote a blog about a green pepper and a mole
Here are the pictures, proof, I need, as I signed in as someone else

Here is my reflection on the blog I spent all night writing and then deleted in 3 clicks by mistake, not to be recovered somehow in the world of Google, because of having multiple Google Accounts open at same time.  Trust me, I am not a new Google user.

It was two, maybe three... Thousand words
My failure, interestingly compounding
What was it, what did it say..
Basically, LIfe After Death, Poppa says...

I clicked the "refresh" button and because I had signed into another Google Account that was not this one, it did not save my time or efforts.

So you are left with the blog below, which is not really that inspiring or helpful in any sense.  It is a metacognitive approach, where I am writing for me, that worked really well for a while.  So trying again.

Then the Google photo paused my move, so I promptly
Figured out who I was to me, the guy that was gonna succeed
Click, pause, spin, wait, delete sure, don't need that page
Can't connect, last hours typing, creating, simply freeing

Imagine everything you say or type disappear
Contagious would be, wishing for days of Dear,
But wait, this is the moment, the day, the state of
Union, agreement Founding Fathers, Not so near

Here it is the moment of my life, emoji free
White people take it too seriousleeeee
Felt like tonight was my end, wrote, now made
Just another example of my balding head and Fragiliteeeee.

Earmuff music that I wrote too -

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