Thursday, August 8, 2019

Motivation to Do it Again...

Been at this since 2004, 27 year old, Thanksgiving break child
First story, 8th grade, fight break up, para stop, all nostalgia normal
Now 14 years in ADMIN... 4 years taught, I admit, 5th grade thought, I would sit
Then I learned telling others, meant model, so many stories to tell...legit
That time we, the things I see, now 14 years, I finally feel I know me
No tree planted, one word, free, from my whiteness, always seemed extra gear
There is always a fear, fear relationships, will bring me near
Dear not John, the weight of another year, weighs a ton
"Say Less" my inspiration for this blog post
The single moment, most, I want to be a white ghost
Not casper, but dapper, a in your face, replace, no need for mace
Trace my map, 2016 "DAP", Hip Hop was my trap
Now I find myself loving kids, "our kids" staying tight
Been calling it that since 2004 GR, cried every night
Just an OG rhyme, think a few can learn from the time
That is all, for now, following the, as I know my
Need to learn the game to understand their why
I got a preference, it ain't mine, I know what needs to be happening
I got timing, I got referencing, I mow my grass, I did this 20 minute writing
You can white while defending, supporting, and shutting up to listen
It is your mouth, experience, and fragility on this mission white person.

Crazy, as I need 12 more years to retire. I am not leaving building admin.  I will be 26 years admin when I leave.  I may write a book then.... I may not.  No need for more "white" stories.  You may have to come talk to me about what you want to do... I choose stories... I need to listen more as you have shared with me... Working on it! I promise!

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