Thursday, September 12, 2019

Just a Thought

Don't know where this is going
I feel like I am knowing
But lack the ability for showing
Flow in, Flow out, I need you to know
This is not a movement, but 30 years
Building, don't know why it hit me
Just found a place to see
Wide awake, trying to not be fake
Don't take, not without mistake
My whiteness has been fabricate
By history I been told, I did not make
I took, I was young, we all were found
We all were brought down
By the history, we told command
It is to learn to unlearn, history inform
Need more work in lessons of those down
To help those, with which our crown
A white space to share abound, how
We need to listen to comprehend
Not to listen to respond
And then work to plan
The ultimate humankind

My short bars, a rap song in the making
Never to be sung, but for me in my thinking

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