Thursday, December 19, 2019

15:24 minutes to write

I made a NF mix tonight, definitely nothing, but I am giving myself after this 15:23 to respond to this, as I play the NF3.0 getting closer to right.

Experiment, push the button, risk breaking it all
There is no better bridge to cross or scale the wall

Too tall, shortening, of the time spent where it went
Temperament, commitment, meet me at a restaurant

What you don't do means more than what you do
Cliche' maybe, but for those that don't understand, do

As I made this mix, I understood that this would not be final
I named it 3.0 as it was the 3rd time I ran through the vinal

Not really, what goes viral that promises a rival?
Cathedral, charcoal, snorkle, words that rhyme with rival

Too short, not height, attitude, empathetic complicated
Political mess, I atleast know how I am going to dress

Tie, shirt, slacks, shoes, uniform is the norm
Welcome to dismissal, try to model correct form

Remember I am on 11:09 or this 15:23 rhyme
I gave myself no more time, I see it not mine

So I finish this with a shout out to my NF mix
I spent weeks on this, it is still nothing, I just promise
I promise to work on it, I promise to try and make it hit
I promise to maybe takes years for this, I just have a large to do list.

No edits, beyond backspace.  15:23 minute blog... I love practicing.

I came back at 14:12 because I forgot link to mix! haha

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