Friday, January 24, 2020

Connecting Back With Me/You

Sat down to write, as I need to right
Last post had 12 reads, mine was 2 feels
Got the EM new album in the head, Stanning
Planning, how do I do this equity, diversity planning
Principal to the core, school never bores, sleep and I snore
Bars come and today spent time with a 2nd grade duo
"You got a Youtube...?" I got a Youtube
Showed them both, 353 followers still, need more regular videos
We laughed, talked, got together as they previously argued
Just a Principal with his people, 35 minutes, it was, I needed though
Bring kids from angry to agree, A feeling I know
Please, there is no sin they can commit, we can't come back from within
Check yourself, left my door open, want those to hear how we can
No pen, all voice, talk, choice, you got your side, I got mine
Fine, joke at the right time, I felt connect came from same vine
This is just one bar, maybe ten, depends on how you count
Mounting, jotting, typing, figuring, moving, thinking
Always growing, every day, every interaction, responsible
Possible I may be trusted, just a white dude, tall, blonde and blue
Do what you gotta do, but I must continue to follow my pursuit
My belief is achieve beyond all, I will wear the suit

I need to put this to beats, it might not flow as you might think, but in my head is does, first time.  There were only checks on grammar and spelling.  I write when I feel it, I need to feel it more, for me, no one else.  

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