Saturday, February 29, 2020

A New Journey in Speaking Educationally about Equity Podcast

@hessteacherest and @japhillips0722 on twitter and I started a podcast.  It was their idea and they got me hooked, I will admit, hesitantly at first.  It started with a "what should we talk about" quick conversation.

It quickly went to, what is missing in this space with educators?  Especially in Delaware.  The 3 of us decided almost immediately that we wanted to talk about equity, diversity, and the needs of educators to more fully understand the urgency of marginalized communities.

I realized my role as the most privileged person in this space, was to help inform other white educators of my journey from a person that would say and do nothing, to a person of more action.  I want to facilitate the conversation, not dominate it.  I want to ask questions and listen.  When appropriate I want to share my journey as I think it will be the same as many other white educators. 

I have always known that I have been in situations and conversations that have left me uncomfortable.  I have always known that some people around me, even some I love, have thoughts different than mine around equity.  I have not always said anything.  I am now committed to being anti-racist both personally and professionally.  It looks different in both spaces, but it is still the work.

This podcast allows me a space to explore these ideas with 2 other people I trust and have different experiences than me.  It also allows me to maybe have an influence over other white educators that maybe feel as if I did.  They may just not know what to do or what to think.

There is data to support that the our educational system is not equitable for students of color.  This is national, state wide, district wide, and unfortunately local to my school.  We have done much to improve on this and we are continuing to do this work.  We have shown a lot of growth over the last 2 years and we are getting there.  I want to use this podcast to document my thoughts, journey, and ideas on how this can be done.

It is not meant as a roadmap, as this work has no map.  My state, district, and school are vastly different than any others.  I just hope you can learn something from me to help give you the confidence to learn something for yourself.

I am trying to be more actively anti-racist.  This takes form in so many ways in my day to day life, but as I have become more self-aware and have spoken more and more with people of color, I realize this is work for me.

I am not here to save anyone, I am here to make myself a better person and by doing that, those that I have influence over, and can make changes for, will inherently benefit from these specific decisions and work. 

My personal conversations around equity may be a little more personal and passionate then I have expressed on our new podcast called Speaking Educationally.  But that makes sense.

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