Monday, December 11, 2017


My 100 words... Well plus 1.  Sorry!

Not usually my thing, but liked the challenge! 

My 100 words, I don't want to waste 
Not a teacher, but I educate
Asked once what to do in retiring
Work with kids, there is no ending
Yearning to learning, longing to help
Live on the feeling, this is all I have felt
Good days and bad, we don't win them all
Can never replace a feeling of fall
New beginning, each and every year
Every day I walk in classes and halls
People counting on me big and small
Energy from the building, 
Tears and chuckles, 
If they all could see
I need them more than they need me

Thanks to Justin Schleider who turned me on to the original challenge posted by Jesse Boyce and taken up by Dene Gainey.

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